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Are you as excited as I am?

That’s right, we’ve set the dates for the 2018 Essential Bra Making classes for St. Stephen. You can learn to sew your own bra without having to worry about whether or not it will fit, because the Queen of Cups will take care of all the pattern adjustments for you!

Classes will be held in St. Stephen on:

February 17-1
April 14-15
June 2-3
September 29-30
November 17-18

Spots fill up fast, so fill out your registration form as soon as you can!

If you’d like the Queen of Cups to hold a private class for you, or if you’d like to see a class come to your town, get in touch!

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  1. Hi I spoke to you earlier this year.by phone. I am from Parksville, BC formerly of Meductic and originally from St. Stephen, NB. I expect to be in St. Stephen early part of next week. Is it possible I could meet you for a fitting? Thank you in advance.

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