Many of us have a love/hate relationship with our bras. Most of us wear them every day, yet bras are frequently an item that we loathe to discuss, shop for, or even think about. Why is that? Well, finding one that fits is a nightmare for many of us, and bra shopping something we avoid like the plague. “My bra doesn’t fit” leads to uncomfortable days and underperformance by you – because you are distracted, uncomfortable or limited in what you can achieve. Ain’t nobody got time for that! In this post, I’m going to talk about five common reasons why the bras we wear dayRead More →

You know, it has been many years since I’ve had an answer to that question. Even making my own bras didn’t mean, until recently, that my bras fit perfectly. Why?  Because, like many women, I put off spending time or money on myself. I made a bra and wore it until it fell apart, wore it even though my weight had changed. I out off making my own bra because I had bras to make for others.  Well, today I wore a bra that fit.  Today, when I breathe in, I don’t feel wires digging into my ribcage. I’m not tugging down the band inRead More →

Shoes that fit – and Bras that fit, too My mother always told me to take care of my feet and buy good footwear – after all, we only get one pair of feet! When playing sports, I was told by my doctor to frequently purchase new shoes – at least every year – to ensure they had the support my ankles needed. The materials start to break down with time and wear, and don’t do what they should. Well, I’ve learned that the same adage applies to bras. Everyday garments need to be built to last Bras, like shoes, are something we wear everyRead More →

Why would someone even want to make bras for themselves, let alone a stranger? I didn’t start out as the Queen of Cups. At age 30, however, I was fed up with the prices, sizing, quality, and availability of bras that were available for me. Adding to my frustration was a sudden increase in cup sizes that placed me out of the size range in all but specialty stores. From Bra Wearing to Bra Making After a disastrous bra buying experience where I travelled 4 hours, spent over $200, and ended up with a bra that was ugly and ill-fitting, I decided I’d had enough.Read More →

Bras tailor made for you, your body, and your life The Queen of Cups Lingerie is here to help you by building a supportive, high quality, beautiful, tailor made bra fit exactly to you and your lifestyle. Learn more about Why the Queen of Cups makes bras, what the process is, and why you deserve bras that fit, flatter and support you. We are located in beautiful St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada – the middle of everywhere! St. Stephen is the gateway to Atlantic Canada, on the border of Calais, Maine. Only 2.5 hours from Bangor, 1.5 hours from Fredericton, 1 hour from Saint John,Read More →