Shoes that fit – and Bras that fit, too

My mother always told me to take care of my feet and buy good footwear – after all, we only get one pair of feet! When playing sports, I was told by my doctor to frequently purchase new shoes – at least every year – to ensure they had the support my ankles needed. The materials start to break down with time and wear, and don’t do what they should.

sandals sneakers and hiking boots on a slate tile floor

Good shoes never go out of style. And comfort doesn’t need to trump style either!

Well, I’ve learned that the same adage applies to bras.

Everyday garments need to be built to last

Bras, like shoes, are something we wear every day, close to our skin, and expect them to support us. When they are ill-fitting or poor quality, they cause distraction, and progress into pain and disfigurement.

Our breasts change size, weight, and composition a bit more readily than our feet. Yet we expect these garments to fit us exactly, day after day, under strain and stress – and when the fabric gives out, we sigh and put off buying a new one until the last possible moment.

Does this sound like you? It sounds like me. I hated shopping for bras. I wore bras until the fell apart, until I only had 1 left that I had to wear every single day, bras that I rushed into buying because I had a meeting and my bra literally broke apart at work.

I learned my lesson early on with quality shoes, but it wasn’t until I was 30 that I took the same care with bras. It wasn’t until I had to deal with back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and shopping frustration that I decided to spend money on a quality bra.

Good lingerie makes you feel good

Lingerie isn’t just about support or fashion – it is about how you feel when you put it on. You deserve to have lingerie that makes you feel something. It could be comfort, confidence, sexiness, self-love, aggression, glamour, or any other feeling.

It doesn’t matter what size or shape you are at the Queen of Cups. I build you bras that fit in the way you want them to fit, so they make you feel the way you want to feel.

That’s it. No size or style limitations, just bras that fit.

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