foam cup bra with lace upper cup lying on a sheepskin

Today’s post starts with a bit of that childhood game, Telephone. It was inspired by what a friend overheard one of my clients say to another woman. My client was excitedly talking about her new bras that I’d made for her with a group of women. One of these women, hearing the price of the bras, scoffed and said something along the lines of “I’d never pay that for a bra.” (Never mind that just because something is out of your price range, doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth what it costs. To quote Cora Harrington, the Lingerie Addict, “You can’t argue for fairer wagesRead More →

Queen of Cups Lingerie Inc. is hiring! We’re expanding our team in production and marketing. Queen of Cups Lingerie Inc. is a custom bra and underwear manufacturer based in St. Stephen, NB. PLEASE NOTE: These positions are funded via the New Brunswick Workforce Expansion, One Job Pledge and Youth Employment programs. You will need to qualify for one of these programs in order to accept a position. Junior Bra Maker Full-time, 35 hours/week, $15.00/hr, St. Stephen, NB, Canada Description You’ll be cutting, assembling, and performing quality control checks on custom fit bras and underwear under the supervision of our CEO. Training in Queen of CupsRead More →

custom made bra sheer beige with contrast black elastic

and other topics I educate people on daily I’ve been asked a number of times “do you make seamless bras?” Short answer: No. Long answer: No, for several reasons. Longer answer: I think you’re asking the wrong question. 1. Seamless bras have the same fit issues of other bras manufactured on a large scale. The cups of seamless bras are created by placing the foam material on a form, and using heat to form it into that shape. You can watch a machine in action here (and given its size and cost, understand why I don’t have one in my studio!) Seamless bras made onRead More →

A bottle of rose sparkling wine with a business card and a piece of lace

I’m the type of person that meets a milestone or goal and pauses long enough to tick it off the list before moving on to whatever the next thing happens to be. This week, I took a moment to pause and celebrate a few small things, and a not-so-small thing, that happened in my business. My classes are becoming more popular, and I’ve received requests to teach across NB and in Nova Scotia. An upcoming class in Halifax has only one seat left, I’ve got a private class full in Dartmouth, and just announced another workshop in Sackville, NB at the end of March. TheseRead More →

Foam lined platinum covered bra with lace upper cups

“Can you tell me what bra size I am?” It’s a common request for me as a custom bra maker. The short answer is, no, I can’t. The long answer is…the rest of this post! How Retail Bra Sizes Work (or don’t) In North America, retail bra sizes generally consist of a number and a letter. Number = Rib cage measurement + 0, or 2, or 3, or 4 Letter = one letter for each each difference between the Rib cage measurement and the full bust measurement Let’s deal with the number first. Whether or not a company uses your “true measurement” (adds 0) orRead More →

Ivory colour lace underwire bra with halter back

For many people, planning a wedding is exciting and wonderful. It’s a chance to express your personality, celebrate with your friends and family, and mark your commitment as you start a journey with the person you love. I’m participating as a vendor this weekend at the Time For Weddings Show in Fredericton, NB. As I learn more and make more lingerie with a focus on comfort and fit, I realize just how uncomfortable many of us are on our wedding day. Even though my wedding was low key, outdoor, and informal, I consciously made an extra effort to choose my attire so that I’d beRead More →

Some of us love to set goals for ourselves – I’m one of those people. Nothing pleases me more than writing a to do list and making those sweet, sweet check marks when I complete a task! I have been learning to be more realistic and gentle with myself when it comes to goal setting and planning after noticing a disturbing trend. Sometimes we need a little motivation to reach our goals. One school of thought is that if you set a reward that you’ll give yourself for reaching a milestone, you’re more likely to meet it. I’ve used this motivation to good effect before,Read More →

black and jade lace bra

2019 is going to be a big year for Queen of Cups Lingerie. We’ve got 2 new classes in our schedule – Level Up Lace and Foam-lined Bras – for those bra makers who want to take their skills to the next level. We are still offering our Essential Bra Making 101 class as well. Finish It Fridays will be happening each month too! Come to the Queen of Cups Studio and get all those UFOs off your craft table and into your closet! We’ll be adding new classes and events soon, including classes in Fredericton and Saint John – stay tuned to our sassyRead More →

a grey bra with small birds printed on it on a white background

It isn’t fake news, it’s the truth about the bra you’re wearing. Or the one you discarded as soon as possible the moment you walked in your house. If you’re wondering how, in a world full of technological innovations, you still can’t find a mass-produced bra that fits, I’m here to explain a few of the reasons why. The myth of symmetry That bra you’re wearing? It is based on the assumption that you are an identically symmetrical creature. Humans, at least on the outside, are basically bilaterally symmetrical – you can draw a line down the centre of our bodies, and what you seeRead More →

two black bras partially assembled on a cutting mat

The Queen of Cups is looking for an apprentice. Could it be you? The Queen of Cups (aka me) is delighted that there has been an increase in demand for custom fit bras in the last several months. With that demand, however, came increases in wait times for folks between their fittings, and a longer wait to receive their finished bra. In order to provide better quality service, I’m looking for an apprentice to help casually with the cutting and assembly of custom fit bras and underwear. Apprenticeship Details The job is quite flexible, and you’ll be paid per piece completed, with the amount ofRead More →