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Our local St. Stephen Chamber of Commerce is running a “Shop Small” initiative this year. We want to encourage you think think about shopping locally, in our small businesses. Small does not mean insignificant. Especially when it comes to bras!! All of us, no matter our size, need a great fitting bra to support us while we do amazing things. As one of the proud small business owners in St. Stephen, I’m happy to join in the Shop Small movement. Special offer for June Kick off summer right! Book your fitting for a custom-fit bra and get a 15% discount! This discount applies whether thisRead More →

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Do you ever look around your workspace and realize that you haven’t really looked at it in a long time? Sometimes when I am busy with my work, I forget to step back and focus on whether the way I’m doing things is the most efficient and effective way. When it comes to organizing and updating my work space, I often get inspired to begin organizing or renovating, only to get de-railed when I don’t finish in the time I allotted to get the updates done. Case in point: I have had two lovely barn boards leaning against the wall in my studio since IRead More →

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By demand, Queen of Cups Lingerie has added a new sewing class – the Myrna Dress sew-along! Register Now Online Class Details Cost: $120 per person (get a $10 discount if you bring a friend!) Day 1 Printing and assembling PDF patterns – tips and tricks Measuring your body properly Selecting the base pattern size for you Adjusting the paper pattern to your measurements Cutting out the fabric and transferring pattern marks Creating a muslin Setting up your machine Assembling a muslin Assessing fit and adjusting your paper pattern Choosing the right fabric for your pattern Choosing the right thread, needle and notions, and sewingRead More →

Are you as excited as I am? That’s right, we’ve set the dates for the 2018 Essential Bra Making classes for St. Stephen. You can learn to sew your own bra without having to worry about whether or not it will fit, because the Queen of Cups will take care of all the pattern adjustments for you! Classes will be held in St. Stephen on: February 17-1 April 14-15 June 2-3 September 29-30 November 17-18 Spots fill up fast, so fill out your registration form as soon as you can! If you’d like the Queen of Cups to hold a private class for you, orRead More →

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Our 2017 autumn class schedule is now up and ready to rock – hooray! Here is what you need to know in order to sign up for all the sewing goodness. Essential Bra Making 101 – now in 3 locations This autumn, we’re proud to be bringing our underwire bra making classes to both Fredericton and Saint John, New Brunswick, as well as in our hometown of St. Stephen, NB. In this class, you’ll learn how to sew an underwire bra in a pattern that has been custom fitted to your own body! To see the list of dates and find out how to register,Read More →

Oh, I know it’s still there, and it’s still technically lingerie. Wandering through different lingerie stores during the holiday shopping season had me wondering, though – where were all the bras? What I saw, over and over, was the same bra – a seamless molded foam one – in a myriad of colours, covers, and sizes. Molded foam bras claiming to be invisible under t-shirts, to smoosh in arm pit fat, to push up, be sexy, to hide nipples, to be comfortable. And for many people, they must be – because they are the largest seller for bras in the market. In fact, in mostRead More →

Give the perfect gift this holiday season – a new bra with a perfect fit! There are few things more annoying than a bra that does not fit. It hounds you through the day, causes pain, affects the clothes you choose to wear, changes your posture, and influences your confidence. Would wouldn’t want a gift that gives you: comfort confidence freedom reduced shoulder and back pain happy shopping instead of frustration! Give a magical gift to someone this Christmas who deserves it for only $230! Queen of Cups Lingerie is a custom bra making company based in St. Stephen, New Brunswick. We don’t fit you intoRead More →

Many of us have a love/hate relationship with our bras. Most of us wear them every day, yet bras are frequently an item that we loathe to discuss, shop for, or even think about. Why is that? Well, finding one that fits is a nightmare for many of us, and bra shopping something we avoid like the plague. “My bra doesn’t fit” leads to uncomfortable days and underperformance by you – because you are distracted, uncomfortable or limited in what you can achieve. Ain’t nobody got time for that! In this post, I’m going to talk about five common reasons why the bras we wear dayRead More →

You know, it has been many years since I’ve had an answer to that question. Even making my own bras didn’t mean, until recently, that my bras fit perfectly. Why?  Because, like many women, I put off spending time or money on myself. I made a bra and wore it until it fell apart, wore it even though my weight had changed. I out off making my own bra because I had bras to make for others.  Well, today I wore a bra that fit.  Today, when I breathe in, I don’t feel wires digging into my ribcage. I’m not tugging down the band inRead More →

Shoes that fit – and Bras that fit, too My mother always told me to take care of my feet and buy good footwear – after all, we only get one pair of feet! When playing sports, I was told by my doctor to frequently purchase new shoes – at least every year – to ensure they had the support my ankles needed. The materials start to break down with time and wear, and don’t do what they should. Well, I’ve learned that the same adage applies to bras. Everyday garments need to be built to last Bras, like shoes, are something we wear everyRead More →