Why would someone even want to make bras for themselves, let alone a stranger?

blue lace bra being sewn at a sewing machine

If I couldn’t find a bra that fit, could I make one?

I didn’t start out as the Queen of Cups. At age 30, however, I was fed up with the prices, sizing, quality, and availability of bras that were available for me. Adding to my frustration was a sudden increase in cup sizes that placed me out of the size range in all but specialty stores.

From Bra Wearing to Bra Making

After a disastrous bra buying experience where I travelled 4 hours, spent over $200, and ended up with a bra that was ugly and ill-fitting, I decided I’d had enough. Armed with my sewing machine, optimism, and unfailing confidence in my ability to master a new craft, I went off in search of patterns and supplies.

Enter the Fairy Bra Mother

Who wouldn’t want a fairy bra mother? The true queen of bra making, Beverly Johnson, provided me with all the materials I needed to get started from her online store, Bra Makers Supply. Since my original experiments with her Bra Maker’s Manual, Classic Bra pattern and bra making kits, I’ve expanded my knowledge through trial and error as well as online training. One day, I will meet her in person and thank her!

Unfit for Fashion Bras – I’m not alone

I couldn’t help talking about how comfortable and happy I was with the bras I was making. It turns out that many, many people experienced the same problems I did – and not just those of us outside of the “regular” size range! People come in diverse shapes and sizes, but none of them seemed to be the shape that mass produced bras were made for.

Could I make a bra for someone else? It turns out, I could. I can. I did. It was so heartwarming to help another person feel comfortable in their own body. How could I not want to continue doing that? Not only that, but I could teach them about the proper way to shop for bras, ones that would suit their bodies and activities, and avoid the common pitfalls they were running into with their bras.

The Queen of Cups was born.

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