Do you ever look around your workspace and realize that you haven’t really looked at it in a long time? Sometimes when I am busy with my work, I forget to step back and focus on whether the way I’m doing things is the most efficient and effective way.

When it comes to organizing and updating my work space, I often get inspired to begin organizing or renovating, only to get de-railed when I don’t finish in the time I allotted to get the updates done. Case in point: I have had two lovely barn boards leaning against the wall in my studio since I completed the initial renovations. The boards were in our house when we moved in, and it was my plan to buy brackets to turn them into shelves. That was three years ago!

More recently, I went to IKEA with my mom and daughter, and came back with bags of organizing materials for my studio, including pegboard accessories. I’d painted a pegboard last summer, but never got around to installing it.

Enough is enough

I finally looked up one morning and realized that I’d crossed from that “creative chaos” workspace into “completely dysfunctional.” So I set aside a Saturday and went through my entire room – reorganizing, counting inventory, refolding, sorting, and installing the bit and bobs that had been gathering dust for so long.

It is amazing how a decluttered space can calm a cluttered mind! Now I’m ready for a summer of amazing bra making, experimenting with potential new products, and a few personal sewing projects too.


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