close up of silver bra with pink lace

Queen of Cups Lingerie bra products and pricing

We are pleased to offer a range of products and prices for our clients. During your initial fitting, we will discuss what you need and set a final price. To learn more about the process of building your custom bra, visit the Process page.

For returning clients, there is a $50 discount per bra for additional bras ordered that do not require re-fitting or drafting style changes.

The Essential Bra


The Essential Bra is your every day essential bra. It has a diagonal full coverage cross cup seam, is made with stable, low-stretch fabric, has fabric straps, and comes in a variety of colours. You can also add different fabrics or styles to the bra.

Base +Lace upper cupLined fabric/laceAdditional style changes

Essential Bra examples

black and jade lace bra
This bra has lace upper cups and altered seam lines in the cup for a better fit.

There are endless ways to customise your bra. These include but aren’t limited to:

  • adding lace to the cups, band, or straps
  • special crystals or charms
  • foam cups
  • extra support features (power bars, slings, collars)
  • front clasps, magnetic clasps
  • style changes to cups, straps and band
  • modifications for surgery, mastectomy, or other health issues

These changes require different materials and more design and build time, which will change the price of your bra. We will discuss your desires and set the final price before construction begins!

Contact the Queen of Cups today to book your initial fitting!

The Tuesday Bra

This bra style is all about lift!

The Tuesday Bra is the next step up from the Essential Bra. It has a multi-piece lower cup with lots of lift and support, smaller straps, and is available with a foam cup. The base price is for a foam cup covered in a single fabric type.

Base (foam + satin)Base (foam +scuba)Full fabric – linedstyle changes

Tuesday Bra examples

a foam cup black bra with small pink embroidered flowers
This bra has foam lined cups, altered style lines for a push up effect, and lace upper cups.







Sports Bras

At Queen of Cups Lingerie we also make custom-fit sports bras!

A good sports bra is worth every penny if it is comfortable and supportive. Our sports bras are encapsulation style, not compression – so your breasts are lifted, separated and held firmly without being squished! The base model for this bra features foam lined cups and a racer back with front zipper closure. Different closure options and strap styles are also available. Prices available on request.