You know, it has been many years since I’ve had an answer to that question. Even making my own bras didn’t mean, until recently, that my bras fit perfectly. Why? 

Because, like many women, I put off spending time or money on myself. I made a bra and wore it until it fell apart, wore it even though my weight had changed. I out off making my own bra because I had bras to make for others. 

Well, today I wore a bra that fit. 

Today, when I breathe in, I don’t feel wires digging into my ribcage. I’m not tugging down the band in the back after I bend over. I’m not pulling on the straps or tucking my breasts back in. 

Today, I don’t have a headache. I don’t have a pain between my shoulders or in my neck. I’m not wearing a sports bra or a bra that is comfortable but entirely inappropriate for the job I’m asking it to do. 

Today, I forgot I was wearing a bra, and it was a wonderful feeling. 

The bra I made was a simple one, unlined, with no fancy bells or whistles to make it look prettier or make me feel sexy. But you know what? Over top of it, I wore a dress I hadn’t taken out of my closet in a year. I felt confident and somehow free. I felt sexy without a scrap of lace. 

How does it feel to wear a bra that fits? It feels fabulous. 

How do you feel when you have a great fitting bra? 


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